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Fabien Voileau

Fabien Voileau is a French photographer. His work depicts a love to great outdoors and a
passion for intimate portraits.

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Polod is a french artist living in South East Asia. His Gallery is an ode to women, sometimes in a trash style and full of humour.

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Alexander Berdin-Lazursky is a multi-talented 34-year-old photographer, digital artist, designer and educator from Samara, Russia who currently lives and works in New York City. 

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Inês Marinho

Inês Marinho studied communication design in the Fine Arts school in Porto and professional photography in IED - Madrid. 

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Julien Kiang

A Parisian, passionate about travel and photography. He witnesses the evolution of society through his camera.

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Yann Pesin

Yann Pesin is 32 years old and comes from the North of France. He has started photography of lost and abandoned places in 2013.

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Dasha Pears

Dasha Pears is an award-winning Russian conceptual photographer, currently based in Helsinki, Finland. Dasha’s unique style is dreamlike and whimsical. Her works tell stories that combine real life and surrealism, making the viewer stop and think.

Discover Felix Lepoutre Gallery

Félix Lepoutre

Félix Lepoutre From Tours, he is currently lead designer in a Fintech Staturp called Lydia.